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Are social skills the only thing employers are looking for?

Is it true that intelligence and talent are all useless and that people just throw it all out the window and give people numerous promotions and media opportunities based on how social people are and how well-liked they are?

If someone went into asking for a job to be Astronaunt, and has a PhD from Oxford for Physics, PhD from Cambridge in Maths and a PhD from Harvard for Chemistry. Do you think they are going to hire that person, or someone who knows how to socialize.

Can someone please review my personal statement?

2nd yr socy grad student here. Need help with PhD Geography personal statement.

My interest in Geography stems from an inner tension inspired by the dual influences of my Catholic American mother and Muslim Iranian father. As a young man, I resolved to mitigate the sense of cultural dissonance by reframing it into an appreciation of the beauty of my unique heritage. This led to my pursuance of degrees in sociology in both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Now these twin influences of personal history and education lead me to the field of Geography.

Sociology has provided me with a strong research and theoretical background. As a sociologist, I have dedicated much of my time to the study of culture and social interaction, specifically gender, social theory, and culture. As an undergraduate, Patricia Hill Collin’s idea of the Matrix of Domination, Goffman & Butler’s notion of performativity, and Foucault’s thoughts on surveillance and power fascinated me. As a graduate student, I learned to apply these theories to education, cyberspace, and the urban environment. How might ignoring gender roles in education be detrimental? How does Robyn Dunbar’s communicative theory apply to social media? Or what is the role of gender in urban mobility and transportation? [Moreover, as an Social Theory TA I learned to articulate complex theories as well as build a research and statistical base that could be used to study migrant flows and population demographics.]

In addition to my current studies, I have performed applied research for CDC’s Department of Health, where I abstract medical and police files that yield valuable larger implications based on the age, region, race, and socioeconomic statuses of the subjects/victims. The sense of collaboration I have experienced by training interns as research assistants has given me leadership qualities, as well as people skills. I also do ethnographic work for SmartRevenue, a marketing firm that specializes in consumer behavior. Here, I observe and report on a wide range of consumer behavior, which reveals vastly different perspectives on American consumer society. Both of these research positions have allowed me to cultivate the writing, research, reading, and communication skills necessary to thrive in graduate and post-graduate programs.

My education and work experience have provided a kaleidoscope of perspectives and theories on social reality, but none have emphasized place. Geography would provide the contextual framework necessary for me to understand questions related to culture, gender and theory. My main interest is Cultural Geography. What role does the cultural landscape play in creating regional culture? How does regional difference impact the social construction of race, gender and class and their intersections? I’m also interested in gender. What role has gender played throughout historical periods and regions? How has gender transformation been contingent upon the environment? And finally social theory underlies it all. How might a Foucauldian understanding of power be applied to various regions? How does Henri Lefebvre’s notion of space apply to contemporary urban space? Cultural Geography would allow me to ask Sociological questions through a geographical lens focused on space and region.

A short-term goal of mine is to acquire as much research and teaching experience as possible while attending XXX, which will provide me with the necessary skills for my long-term goal of working with planning committees and government projects. I eventually plan to use my work experience to teach high school and university level Geography. Earning a PhD in Geography will allow me to simultaneously fulfill my goals while actively contributing to society.

I have visited XXX University and can tell from firsthand experience this would be the ideal environment to study Geography. Initially I met with Dr. H and enjoyed an in-depth conversation, captivated by his panoramic perception of historical world events. Next I met with several graduate students where we discussed their interests ranging from Cuba and Liberia to the military. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to meet with Dr. D and M, however, I feel their interests in gender and social theory resonate with me. Then [name1] and [name2] invited me to sit in on a XXXX meeting. I had no idea something like this existed , but it proved to be another reason I wish to attend your university. Finally, I walked around campus before leaving to appreciate the wonderful landscape. The faculty, students, XXXX and beautiful campus are just some of the many reasons I choose State University.

My upbringing, education and research experience have provided me with a highly critical cultural lens well-suited for the challenges of studying Geography. After completing undergraduate and graduate level courses, I hope to study at your university.

On first glance, it seems way too long. The 3 paragraph from the end seems pointless. Of course your short term goal is to acquire research experience, that is the point of a PhD (and don’t mention teaching, research is all that matters). The last paragraph can also be taken out, it is redundant. Your second to last paragraph was good, I would just end it with that. Other than that it seems good.

How much should I charge for social media content?

I was asked to take over the social media marketing for a local business that I am currently doing other freelance writing/marketing assignments for. The social media aspect of the job would consist of making about one post per day on the company’s facebook and twitter accounts, and generating fresh content would require a little bit of research on my part each day. What is a reasonable rate for this service?

Figure out how much value you are bringing to the company than take a fair share

What are the best tools for social media marketing?

I have been trying to promote my site for sometime now and I seem to be going nowhere. I’ve tried several social media marketing products and seek the services of the "experts", but nothing seems to work. Now, I am just wondering what social media marketing products I can use to promote my website?

You will find many websites selling the "best tools for social media marketing" – or so they claim. I have also tried many products when I started out. I own several websites and I have been discouraged at first when I realized I was spending more than I was earning. I learned social media marketing and search engine optimization the hard way. It might help if you would seek the assistance of the experts. Check out Maybe they could help you out.

What are some ways I can advertise using social media?

I put a focus on media, and my mission is to understand human interests, communication, and interactions in order to accurately and captivatingly relay information in a way to lead the public to truth. I want to use social media especially, but how how I get to the point where people will want to listen to what I have to say?

*This is a hypothetical situation for my school project in which I need to get comments/critiques.

Look Here:

what do we mean by a target group for health promotion campaigns??!!?

basically as it says above in the question ^^
we are looking at health and social care campaigns what have been publicised by the media, and we have to answer a few questions on it, sand this is the only one i don’t understand. Could someone help please?
Thanks :D!!

The "target group" is the demographics of the people most likely to need awareness of the specific health issue being promoted.

"New parents" would be the target group for a health promotion campaign about baby vaccinations.
~ It would make good sense to place promotional advertising in media that appeals to young marrieds.

"Elderly people" would be the target group for a health promotion campaign for blood pressure control.
~ The AARP newsletter would be a good location for notices for this health promotion campaign.

Would you accept this job?

I am starting a social media marketing/consulting firm that caters to small businesses such as restaurants, dentist offces, etc.
I am pricing my services at around $300 a month, which includes facebook content management, graphic design, social media analytics, and other services.

Would you accept a job if you got paid $500 per week, no questions asked, to sell this service to potential clients, as long as you acquire an average of 1 client per week.

Would this sales target be do-able?

yeah, I would take it, $2,000 a month is good.

How secure is a social media marketing career for the future?

I am completing my final quarter in college and am also working as a content writer, editor, and social media marketing person for a non-profit. I am pursuing a career in social media marketing because it offers companies free publicity, instant access to millions of potential consumers, and a great and simple way to communicate with those consumers in ways that other media does not allow.

My question to you is, do you think this career choice has a secure future? Do you think social media marketing jobs will increase in demand in the long term or do you think this is just a fad? Your input is appreciated.

I guess that Facebook’s over 500 million users ( who are growing ) is by far not a fad at all and yes, social media is definitely the new way we communicate with each other and it’s not just some fancy apps that you download on your Android or iPhone. This year is the right time to start as many businesses will leverage social media for their own campaigns. Good Luck!

( Note: I’ve included a link about what businesses are looking for when it comes to hiring a social media person, so at least you can have a heads up )

For what audience or readership do you think the article was written? Social Media Will Change Your Business?

For what audience or readership do you think the article was written? Social Media Will Change You
For what audience or readership do you think the article was written?
Social Media Will Change Your Business

I feel the article was written for all the businesses who is advertising their company. The purpose of the article is to give information about blogging so that the company will know about it.

The writer organize the information by adversiting it on different websites. The purpose was to get the informaion out there so that people will know that social media will change your business.

The article was explaning about blogging it was letting the business know what is going on with blogging. The tone of the article was spoken very well with very direct information.

I don’t have a clue as to what you are talking about as I haven’t read the article and you didn’t leave us a link to it.

I would imagine that most businesses know all about blogging by now.